Our Mission

Taking Curiosity and Dissemination to a whole new level!

The mission of Qurito is to provide an engaging, rewarding and intelligent platform for people to use on a global level. Qurito will consolidate the data that you find spread out across the Internet and host it on a single trusted platform.

Q&A - Ask, Answer, Earn!

Reinventing Q&A. Introducing a platform that yields rewards by Q&A based on Analytics. Qurito enhances the way people share knowledge, views and ideas. Qurito aims to bring volume of qualitative content over the platform via reward system.
"Q&A will never be the same again."

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Polls - Host, Participate & Share!

Redefining Polls. Qurito Polls enable efficient recording of public opinions and to get better perspective of people's views. Polls also have the rewarding system similar to Q&A but it accounts hosting and participation parameters.
"Opinions much broader."

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Forums - Discuss & Earn!

Revolutionising Public Forums. Qurito Forums open a much broader way to create and participate in Forums with a twist. Forums incorporate rewards based on analytics and activities. Amazing User Interfaces and Experiences are the driving forces of the platform.
"Discussions more rich."

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Pillars of Qurito

Qurito aims to make the experience of learning and sharing knowledge just unforgettable!



A good UI and UX provide the users with top-notch user experience in terms of navigation, look and feel. It makes the app feel like home.


Cutting-edge technology can create high benefits by revolutionize operations and radically reducing costs.


The backend is the heart of an application. Scalability and efficiency is always our first priority.


To keep Qurito as seamless as it is, we make sure its accessible to everyone irrespective of the device.

Qurious to know more?

The Whitepaper is your ultimate destination to learn more about Qurito Platform and the QURO Token.

QURO is now trading on Coinexchange!