A team that eats together, stays together.


For crafting Qurito and turning it into reality, we have assembled a team of experts with profound knowledge in the respective fields.

  • Karmesh
    Karmesh Maheshwari
    Founder & CEO

    The driving force behind the Qurito Team with experience in Software Development ranging from Machine Learning to System Software Development.

  • Kirti
    Kirti Bagda
    Design Lead

    Creative UI/UX Designer who loves to see design from a technological view point and manages the aesthetics of Qurito.

  • Satyakam
    Satyakam Pandya
    Full Stack Developer

    Passionate full stack web developer with command over latest web technologies and frameworks.

  • Dhairya
    Dhairya Fufal
    Full Stack Developer

    Drives the successful front-end/back-end development at Qurito and responsible for ensuring responsiveness of applications.

  • Bhumik
    Bhumik Soni
    Full Stack Developer

    Enthusiastic full stack web developer. Loves to explore emerging tech. and improvise existing systems.

  • We're Hiring!

    Stay tuned to our communication channels for more details.


  • nishant
    Prof. Nishant Goswami
    General Advisor

    Researcher and Technology Enthusiast with experience in Software architecture.

  • parker
    Parker Russell
    Security Advisor

    An experienced Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast with a passion for Security and Operations Management.