Qurito basically means "Companion in the never ending path towards Curiosity".

ICO will be hosted in 2 main phases, Pre-Sale and Main Sale with tokens priced at $0.05 and $0.1 respectively. More detailed information regarding allocation and pricing can be found here.

The token allocation range per participant is between 1000 and 5000000 QURO's.

Yes, Top investors will be rewarded with bonuses. Detailed info can be found in the "Prime Investor" section of the Whitepaper and the Official Bitcoin Talk Announcement. Moreover, we also have an ongoing referral program.

To ensure cross-platform compatibility and usability, initially the platform is planned to be released as a responsive web-app. iOS and Android apps will be made available by the end of the year.

The Platform Development is planning to equip the latest and futuristic technologies. The same has been planned over the course of 12 months taking into consideration all the technicalities and important factors such as; Design (an outstanding UI & an unforgettable UX), Programming a powerful backend engine, Hosting the content over a popular and reliable platform. Modern and Smart Technologies like Machine Learning and AI are planned to be tightly incorporated with the system. SEO will enable maximum content outreach.

Moreover, Design will be given the foremost importance in the entire development cycle. The plan is to build a responsive web application ideal for cross-platform and mobile applications. We plan on offering iOS and Android apps at a later time.

Qurito ICO is one of the prominent events in the development cycle. We are hosting the ICO in two main phases.

To buy QURO’s, you must go to the “Buy QURO’s” section of this Investor's Panel. From there, you will select how many tokens you wish to buy. Our server will pull the latest BTC and ETH prices for accurate and real-time conversions. Once you select your payment method (BTC/ETH), you will need to send your funds to the given address from your desired wallet.

Singapore residents are prohibited from participating. The only other stipulation that is required is a minimum purchase of 1000 QURO’s.

After the token sale has finished, and our final audit has been completed, all tokens will be distributed to you on the ICO platform. To withdraw tokens, you will need an Ethereum wallet like MyEtherWallet. Instructions for withdrawals will be posted in the “Withdraw QURO’s” section of this platform.

Before we can send out QURO tokens, the entire token sale needs to be finished and an audit needs to be made. As we move along in the process, we will have a better idea on a time frame and will keep everyone posted.

The simple answer, for your own safety. Unlike most ICO’s, security is something we strive for. This is the single most important factor in having a successful crowd sale, and the main reason that the date has been pushed back for so long. On the platform, each contributor will send funds to an address that is uniquely assigned to them and nobody else. That way, if a single address is compromised, the funds are stored redundantly across the Blockchain, ensuring they are kept safe. Many ICO’s have fallen victim to security lapses where the addresses have either been hacked into, or changed on the website (both of which we have taken security measures against).

Yes, but only if tokens are still available. Pre-sale allows only a single transaction per user but multiple transactions will be allowed in the main sale.